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Guest feature: Dr. Robert T. Bakker

Anomalocaris canadensis is the perfect candidate for Paleo Pals™ plush toys, for it represents the beginning of truly complex predators. This life-sized high quality reconstruction of one the Cambrian period’s most enigmatic creatures is lovingly designed with data from original fossils. Strange in every respect, this sea-bug inspires people of all ages to explore the science of natural history. A. canadensis’s charming weirdness makes it an intriguing and delightful companion to the infinitely curious.

Paleo Pals ™ bring to the surface the many wonderful animals of Earth’s paleontological history that have been eclipsed by prehistoric celebrities such as T-Rex and other dinosaurs. These plush toys exemplify educational play while maintaining a high degree of scientific accuracy, and most importantly FUN! Paleo Pals ™ are great for classrooms, rock hounds, and budding paleontologists alike.

Paleo Pals ™ plush toys are lovingly designed with data from original fossils.
Paleo Pals ™ plush toys are 20 inches long
Paleo Pals ™ plush toys are intended for individuals ages 4 +

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