In this special episode to commemorate the one-year anniversary of Through Time and Clades, we take a look back on what we’ve done on this channel over the past year and answer many of your viewer questions! Do we have any advice for people who might want to pursue a PhD studying paleontology? What extinct animal would we like to have as a pet? How did humans interpret fossils before the science of paleontology? We cover all of these topics and more.

Due to the completion of the main series we set out to do on this channel and the fact that we will be working on a companion website for this show over the next few months (as discussed in this episode), our uploads will become less frequent in the foreseeable future. However, we still intend to release monthly nature news episodes, short excerpts from our previous videos, and more, so stay tuned.

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03:08 A look back
40:27 Viewer questions answered
02:17:26 What will we be doing next?

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Disclaimer: Though we try to ensure the factual accuracy of our content, this podcast is not peer reviewed and we cannot always check relevant references during recordings.

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