A discussion on “My Octopus Teacher”, the Academy Award-winning film. Organised by the Department of Aquatic Biology, University of Kerala

Prof Meena T Pillai (Director, Centre for Culture Studies, University of
Kerala) (http://meenatpillai.com/)
Prof A Biju Kumar (Marine Biologist and Head, Department of Aquatic
Biology & Fisheries, University of Kerala
Lead talk
Swati Foster, Conservation Journalist, filmmaker, author, and Associate
producer My Octopus Teacher; Member of Sea Change Project;
Consulting editor for Environment at NDTVt
Dr Sanjay Molur, Conservationist, Executive Director, Zoo Outreach
Organisation (https://zooreach.org/about-us/board/)
Dr Dipani Sutaria (Marine Biologist, India)
Shekar Dattatri, Wildlife Filmmaker (http://www.shekardattatri.com/)
Kalyan Varma, Wildlife Filmmaker (http://kalyanvarma.net/)


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