“Hobo Bill!” GH Covers Meerle Haggard Live #Acoustic #CountryMusic DEMO /TRLR “3 Chords &The Truth!
Aug 28 2021 TBP NC TD Hobo Bill!
Establishing your own unique sense of purpose & meaning in life & then building your world around it, is paramount to creating the brain chemistry that results in health & happiness.
The next crucial item to maintain for health & happiness is your sense of order & security which includes fairplay & control! If your ducks are not in a row you had better be seriously working on it or Mr. Dopamine, Oxytocin & Serotonin etc. will not be showing up for you!
Finally, you are the same physiological person you were 35000 years ago in the Paleo Era! And you had better put your Paleo Glasses on & align with Mother Nature & all that is natural or the old “feel good” brain chemistry will just not be showing up for you!
Those are the broad strokes of what is behind Doors #1, 2 & 3 in The Evolution Connection, A Therapy & Lifestyle Management System and also in its high tech sister “The Happ App!”.
These Science based facts on the origin & nature of brain chemistry are without question the most advanced diagnostic & treatment tool for health & happiness available on the planet.
We answer any & all questions regarding this New Tool from Science & Psychology & its application at Griffinheart Patreon.
“3 Chords & The Truth!”
– The Evolution Connection-
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“The Happiness Place On Earth!”
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