Tamzyn had suffered with gut issues since college
and had even been hospitalized due to blood loss from a case of ulcerative colitis

as a Registered Dietician she worked in research
looking at a variety of diets

and found results of many people reversing disease with a ketogenic diet 🤯

leading her to find healing for her gut issues with an animal based diet 🥩

Join us as Tamzyn shares how she’s eating now and educating docs, nurses & nutritionists on how to eat for optimal health

Tamzyn’s private practice Real Food Dieticians: https://www.realfooddietitians.co.za/

Real Food Dieticians on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/realfooddietitians

Diet, Diabetes Status, and Personal Experiences of Individuals with Type 2 diabetes Who Self-Selected and Followed a Low Carbohydrate High Fat diet

Nutritional Ketosis, Treating Type 2 Diabetes and More—A Q&A with Dr. Stephen Phinney


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