Are you interested in weight loss?  Have you been worried about sticking with your healthy choices?  In this episode we dive into Today, I talk with Esther Blum. She is an Integrative Dietitian and High-Performance Coach. She has a virtual practice where she helps people permanently lose weight, balance hormones, heal the gut, and reverse chronic health struggles. In today’s episode, we discuss all things hormones, at all stages in your life. We discuss issues of menopause, as well as tips and science behind some of the worst symptoms of menopause. We also discuss bone density, the importance of sleep, and so much more. This episode is packed with knowledge for you, no matter where you are in the menopause cycle.

Questions I asked:

Why did you decide to write your book?
Why did you choose Cavewomen?
How do we deal with belly fat during menopause?
Why do women struggle with sleep during menopause?
Does menopause last forever?
What can help you with menopause issues?
What are some ways to help with our blood sugar?
Why does our gut health change, and what can we do about it?
How can we get acidity in the gut?
What are some other tips to help stabilize hormones during in menopause?
Can we do anything about hot flashes?
How can we help women avoid over training during menopause?
Give us one tip to leave listeners with.
Where can people find you on social media?
What courses do you offer?

Topics Discussed:
Sleeping habits.
Paleo eating for women.
Hormones with paleo.
Embracing a healthy menopause.
Finding ways to balance your hormones.
Fighting Belly fat.
Drinking on HRT.

Quotes from the show:

“Your body is a temple, but who says it can’t be a nightclub.” @EstherBlum @SisterhoodSweat
“You can do less, but just do it smarter.” @EstherBlum @SisterhoodSweat
“Some of belly fat is actually bloating during menopause.” @EstherBlum @SisterhoodSweat
“If you eat less and workout more, you’re going to scrape the bottom of the barrel for energy.” @EstherBlum @SisterhoodSweat
“Coffee can spike your cortisol up to 27%.” @EstherBlum @SisterhoodSweat
“One change can impact your life.” @EstherBlum @SisterhoodSweat

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